Friday, October 1, 2010

The Tale (not tail) of Founty

Hi Kitty Blog World!!


Toes here.  It has been forever since we posted last.  We made a deal with mom.  She'd tell the tale of Founty in a fairly long post and then try to post at LEAST once a week from now on and comment on the other kitty bloggies (she has been visiting bloggies, just not commenting -- BAD MOM!).

Anyway, back in August mom came home with a box

It was our Drinking Fountain!!!!!  It took us a few days to get used to him, but kitties, we LOVED LOVED LOVED our new fountain and named him Founty.

For the first few weeks everything was fine.  Mom and Grammy changed Founty's water, cleaned him out and changed his filter regularly.  We drank and drank and drank and the water was so crisp and cool ALL the time.  Then, tragedy struck.  You'll never believe what SOMEKITTY did to Founty!  Mom came home one Friday afternoon and Founty was making weird looking bubbles.  She looked closer and discovered a yellowy liquid on Founty's edge.  Founty had been unspeakably violated!!!!

What kitty could have done such an awful deed????

Not me!!! I was laying in the middle of the table where everyone could admire my beauty!!


Not me!!! I was curled up under the pretty blue fleecey looking cute!!

Surely not, ME, Toes??

MOL, of course not!!! 


Who, me?? I was in the window!!

Um, Buster????

I was asleep!!!!!

Buster, we know you've had trouble in the past.  Mom's been shoving a pill down your throat for over a year to try to help.  Are you sure it wasn't you??

Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Fine, it WAS me.  You know how I like to ruin everycat's good time!  Just what are you gonna do about it???

And just what did we do??  Well kitties, first mom and grammy put Founty away for the time being.  Then Mom talked to the vet again.  And guess what, Buster got some new drugs...

Liquid Prozac

If you look close, you can see "Buster (Feline)" on the bottle.  Mom had to get this filled at HER pharmacy!!! 

So it's been a couple weeks since Buster hit the Prozac and mom and grammy are going to try to put Founty again this weekend.  Wish us luck Kitties!!!  We miss him lots!

Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Movie Night Friday -- The Shining

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee'res TOES TOES

Hi Kitties!!!!  Toes here.  We haven't posted in sooooooooooooo long.  We're all still 4 healthy, happy kitties and we told Mommy she'd better help us with our bloggie again OR ELSE!  So last night we all (except Buster) decided to watch THE SHINING with the hoomans.  Buster had already seen it a few times and said it wasn't scary at all so he hid in the other room for most of it.

(warning here for all you Kittens - this movie was SCARY so make sure you ask your hoomans or kitten mommies/daddies before you read anymore!!!)

Well it started out with a hooman family (with NO kitties - that should have been our first clue it was messed up!) moving into the mountains to watch over this hotel that was going to be empty all winter and shut off from the rest of the world.  And then the daddy hooman started getting all crazy and doing bad things.  Me and Stretch started to get a little worried.


The mommy and little boy hoomans started getting scared of the hotel AND their man hooman.  And all of this bad stuff started happening.  We were really scared now.

Daddy came up about this time and even HE was scared!!!!!

I had to check behind the couch and make sure nobody was creeping up on us

Then the bad man had an AXE and....well, just in case someone out there hasn't seen it, I'll leave it there.  Make sure if you watch this movie, you watch it with your furbuddies (or at least a hooman).  It is NOT one to watch all alone. 

After the movie we compared notes.  Stretchy did his impression of the bad man...

Conway said he looked like this

But Mommy said, she just has really shoddy photography skills.  MOL.

Hope you enjoyed my Movie review.  We may do more in the future.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Hooman!!

It's been an entire week since we posted and checked out other kitty blogs!!  Our Hoomans got way too lazy this week (we've been harassing them constantly!!).  SisHooman has been selling her wedding stuff this week (yay, we'll soon have a water fountain) and has been to busy for US (imagine!!). 

We have a couple of awards to catch up on this week and lots of kitty blogs to read (we're gonna just sit on the hooman if she gets lazy again).  So here's some pics of us from this week until we can do a 'normal' post.

Conway & Toes Sunday Smackdown

One of Conway's many boxes

Best Buddies
Hooman Say Whaaaat?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our First Award

Yay! - Our First Bloggie Award - we are so excited!!

Rule 1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
Cheers and Thank You to all the Kitties & Hooman at the Katnip Lounge!

Rule 2. Share 9 things about yourself.

1. Stretch really wishes he was still an only kitty
2. Toes thinks every visitor that comes to the house is there expressly to see him
3. Conway usually spots 'outside' kitties from the window before the other kitties do and slinks out of the room with BIGTAIL before the riot starts
4. Buster is still struggling with his peeing outta the box problem (he's going back to the V-E-T later this month)
5. Stretch has the loudest purrer out of all the kitties
6. Toes likes to watch the hoomans get ready in the bathroom in the morning
7. Conway loves to play with Q-Tips and steals them off the counter
8. Buster feels the affects of the 'nip' more than the other kitties (Toes is a close second)
9. All 4 kitties heard Mom/Sis say something about buying a drinking fountain for them after the wedding.  
Any kitties or hoomans out there have suggestions for an affordable fountain that has held up well for you?

Rule 3. Pass this along to 9 other bloggers! 

Mom/Sis was looking through our new friends' blogs and so many of you already have this award.  If anyone is missing it, please accept it from us and we'll get to find out more about you :) !
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tail Game!! (with Toes & Stretch)

So I was sitting around last night and was a little bored

I looked up and saw Stretch and asked him if he wanted to play the tail game

Stretch and his mommy invented The Tail Game several years ago.  Stretch flicks his tail (in your face, at your hands, etc) and then you hold onto it for awhile and let it go - it can go on for HOURS!  Since I don't have a tail I LOVE this game and Stretch is nice enough to play it with me . (Stretch here, I actually just like to antagonize him and make him jealous of my fabulous tail).

Here's some pics of our game...

Yay for the Tail Game!!!  I can't wait to play again.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Layin on Sunshine

We has a kitty room in our house with LOTZ of windows.  Here's us working on our tans last weekend...

Conway Kitty

Mr Toes


 And why isn't Buster in the sunshine??

I'm workinz on my Cattitude!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pirate Toes

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Matey!!!  Dad's gonna need a new leg after I nom nom nom this one off.  Shouldn't there be a parrot on my shoulder?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is it Caturday Yet?

Oh wait, EVERYday is Caturday!

My Big Feet & Kitty Treats

Conway here -
I just wanted to show everybody my BIG back rabbit feet.  SisHooman was trying to get us all together for a group picture so she picked me up in the cuddle or die grip (I like to sit really still in that position for awhile and then DIG all my claws into whoever has a hold of me and then get away, hehehehehehe).  Don't I have super cool big back feet?? 

So while we was getting corraled for the pics Sis had the kitty treats out.  I had one right on my arm but didn't notice it!!! I was licking the inside of the bottle!!!