Friday, October 1, 2010

The Tale (not tail) of Founty

Hi Kitty Blog World!!


Toes here.  It has been forever since we posted last.  We made a deal with mom.  She'd tell the tale of Founty in a fairly long post and then try to post at LEAST once a week from now on and comment on the other kitty bloggies (she has been visiting bloggies, just not commenting -- BAD MOM!).

Anyway, back in August mom came home with a box

It was our Drinking Fountain!!!!!  It took us a few days to get used to him, but kitties, we LOVED LOVED LOVED our new fountain and named him Founty.

For the first few weeks everything was fine.  Mom and Grammy changed Founty's water, cleaned him out and changed his filter regularly.  We drank and drank and drank and the water was so crisp and cool ALL the time.  Then, tragedy struck.  You'll never believe what SOMEKITTY did to Founty!  Mom came home one Friday afternoon and Founty was making weird looking bubbles.  She looked closer and discovered a yellowy liquid on Founty's edge.  Founty had been unspeakably violated!!!!

What kitty could have done such an awful deed????

Not me!!! I was laying in the middle of the table where everyone could admire my beauty!!


Not me!!! I was curled up under the pretty blue fleecey looking cute!!

Surely not, ME, Toes??

MOL, of course not!!! 


Who, me?? I was in the window!!

Um, Buster????

I was asleep!!!!!

Buster, we know you've had trouble in the past.  Mom's been shoving a pill down your throat for over a year to try to help.  Are you sure it wasn't you??

Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Fine, it WAS me.  You know how I like to ruin everycat's good time!  Just what are you gonna do about it???

And just what did we do??  Well kitties, first mom and grammy put Founty away for the time being.  Then Mom talked to the vet again.  And guess what, Buster got some new drugs...

Liquid Prozac

If you look close, you can see "Buster (Feline)" on the bottle.  Mom had to get this filled at HER pharmacy!!! 

So it's been a couple weeks since Buster hit the Prozac and mom and grammy are going to try to put Founty again this weekend.  Wish us luck Kitties!!!  We miss him lots!

Have a great weekend!!