Thursday, May 27, 2010

Announcement from Toes

This is Toes on my daddy hoomans mic here (he’s a dj and let me borrow it for this announcement). Us kitties is back in action after our hoomans got married. We just wanted to say hi and that we should have a lot more time to post now that the hoomans aren’t hogging the ‘puter any more. We look forward to making new friends!!!

Over and out for now from your buddy Toes!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From All of Us – Why Christmas Sucks for Animals

(originally posted 12/22/09)

The Hoomans have been threatening it for years, but last weekend, the threats turned real. They put us in hats and did a ‘foto shoot’. There was a backdrop, bows, collars with EXTREMELY irritating bells, and hats (hats with ‘Plush Puppies’ tags on them – do we look like freakin Mutts to you?? – SUCH an insult!). Anyway, here’s some comments from all of us and evidence from the Day from Hell:

The other 3 should be thankful to me because last year I ran away for a week before the proposed foto shoot. I was out for a week but decided to come back (it was way below freezing and I’d run out of things to forage for…NOT my fault!) Plus, I guess the hoomans were pretty worried and upset about me. So, thanks to me, this thing was put off for another year. I hate wearing hats as much as the next cat, but I must say, I look GOOD in some of these.

The Grinch Who Ate Christmas (and then Yakked it back up in your shoes).


I’d move if I could, but the bow is quite immobilizing.

Ok, this was QUITE humiliating! I let the other 3 dorks get smooshed down and held down with bows and hats. I boogied it right on out of there. Unfortunately the evil hoomans found me and carried me back in. After a lot of hissing, I finally just plopped on down. STUPID hat! Then they caught me the next day and I just held still until it was over. I have evidence now though. As soon as the new year hits I smell Lawsuit – violating a cats’ animal rights by disturbing them from a pefectly good Caturday for this: The World’s saddest Kitty Elf – take a good look!

Stupid ‘Elf’ ear isn’t even curly on the one side!

I’m usually a pretty laid back dude, but this was a bit much for even me. I decided not to look at the camera much and stay huddled up in one place. At least the blankie was furry and soft!! Stretch & Buster said mom and sis hooman moved to the top of ‘the List’ for this (I guess the List is who gets eaten in their sleep – not really my thing, but I guess I have a couple of months to talk them out of it).

Don’t I look nice in a bow??

Hats don’t agree with my outlook on life.

Don’t tell Stretch and Buster and Toes, but I had FUN! I look so funny in the Elf Hat!!!! And I ripped the Santa Hat off and attacked it!! SO much FUN!!!! I’m telling mom and sis hooman that we need more hats!