Conway the Gray (and a bit slow)

Hellos!  I’m Conway and I’m a bit what the hoomans call slow (the other kittys – except for Toes - call me Stupid, Dumb, Irritating, and WHY did they ever get you??).  I have LOTS of names :) !!!! I’m also very shy and run away whenever we have company, but I love being around my hoomans.  My Mom adopted me in 2007 when I was 3 months old and still only weighed 2 pounds.  I was the runt of the litter and super tiny, but my foster mom bottle fed me and loved me lots.  She told my Mom that I was a Russian Blue mix and don’t I look it!

Mom and sis hooman took me home and introduced me to my big brother Stretch.  Stretch can be kind of mean sometimes.  I don’t know that he ever really wanted a little brother.  But he does play with me when he’s in the mood to and it’s SO much fun!  Not too long after Mom took me home, me and Mom and Stretch moved in with sis hooman, weird dude and their 2 kittys.  I like Toes, but I don’t think Buster likes me too much.  I try to play with him and he just whaps me in the head with a not so nice look on his face.  I really like to irritate Buster and Stretch as much as I can.  It might be why they have so many names for me.
I’ve grown lots since I started living with Mom and one day I hope to be as big and smart as my big brother Stretch.   I know Mom loves me cause she lets me sleep with her every night as long as I’m good.  Hooman Sis and weird dude like me too, but Mom is my favorite.

Here’s some pictures of me from when I was small and now that I’m bigger.  Stretch even let me cuddle with him in one of them – it doesn’t happen very often because he doesn’t like other kittys invading on his camera time: