Stretch (the Regal Black one)

My name is Stretch.  I was adopted by mom and sis hooman in 2002 and was the first (and therefore BEST) of all the rest of the kitties.  I had it made for 5 years - I was the only kitty in the house, had hooman mom & sis & bro at my beck and call, and taught the hoomans to give me treats when I sat, shook hands, and played dead (I let the hoomans think they trained me – boy are they DUMB).

Then they adopted my little ‘brother’ (HA!) in 2007.  That little gray thing (Conway the hoomans call him) has been a thorn in my side ever since.  He was a scrawny little thing (runt of the litter I heard the hoomans say, but come ON, buck up Stupid) and started getting 1/2 of MY attention.  I put up with him and even let him sleep next to me once or twice a year, but other than he’s just a major irritant with all of his kitten ways.
To top things off, in 2008  mom hooman moved in with sis hooman & her weird dude and, get this, sis hooman has TWO additional kitties already living with her!!  HELLO – now I’m at 1/4 of the kitty love I used to have!  I deal with it in my Regal Black kitty way though.  I’m always on alert for pets and cuddles and I’m the only one of the four who lets the hoomans carry me around for as long as they want.  Plus I plop myself down between hooman sis and her weird dude in their bed every night and purr my face off.  You KNOW they love me best!!

You can check out my beauty (and that stupid gray thing) in my pics below: